The conference is taking place in the main building of the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (Avenida de Berna 26) at the AUDITORIO 001 (A1 in the program), on the first floor of B tower.

08:30-09:00   Registration

09:00-09:30   Opening speeches

09:30-10:10   ISTVAN KECSKES “It’s just the matter of semantics”. But is it really? A close look at the semantics-pragmatics interface in intercultural interactions
10:10-11.00   STEPHEN SCHIFFER Context sensitivity and vagueness 

11:00-11:30   Coffee Break

11:30-12:30   KASIA JASZCZOLT Being Gricean in 2018: Questions for Metapragmatics

12:30-13:00 Alessandra Giorgi & Chiara Dal Farra On the syntax- pragmatics interface: an integrated model for the expression of surprise and surprise/disapproval

13:00-02:30   Lunch

02:30-03:00   Etsuko OishiSpeech-act-theoretic explanations of problems of pure indexicals
03:00-03:30   Daniel Hoek Loose Talk and the pragmatics of anti-realisms
03:30-04:00   Peter Hanks Singular Propositions

04:00-04:30   Coffee Break

04:30-05:00   Maria Grazia Rossi & Fabrizio Macagno Assessing metaphors effectiveness in medical interviews

05:00-05:30   Paolo Labinaz Assertion, Pattern Recognition and Epistemic Vigilance 


09:00-10:10   LAURENCE HORN First Things First: The pragmatics of “natural order”
10:10-10:50   JAY ATLAS HORN-­ATLAS Debate on ‘Few N’, ‘A Few N’, and ‘Only PN

10:50-11:20   Coffee break

11:20-12:00   YAN HUANG I like you may actually implicate I love you: A reconsideration of some scalar implicatures
12:00-12:40   STEPHEN NEALE Means, means, means
12:40-01:10   Alessandro Capone Implicit first person indirect reports

01:10-02:30   Lunch

02:30-03:10   GARCÍA-­CARPINTERO, MANUEL Assertions in Fictions
03:10-03:50   MICHAEL NELSON The Logical Form of Intention Reports

03.50-04:20   Coffee Break

04:20-0­4:50   Marina Ortega Interpretation of copredicative sentences
04:20-­04:50   Julia Kolkmann Full but only half-­ saturated? New perspectives on pragmatic saturation
04:50-­05:30   Edoardo Lombardi Vallauri Stereotypes favour implicatures, implicatures smuggle stereotypes
04:50-­05:30   Maria Jodłowiec How is explicit content generated: Free enrichment vs. contextual cognitive fix
05:30-­06:00   Kobie van van Krieken Linguistic Patterns and Pragmatic Inferences in the Representation of Narrative


09:30-10:10   DOUGLAS WALTON Tools for Helping to Assess Relevance in Argumentation
10:10-10:50   RICHARD WARNER Explaining Speaker/Audience Coordination

 11:50-11:20    Coffee Break

11:20-12:00   JACOB MEY Value in Pragmatics: Goals, Ranking, and Internet Adaptability
12:00-12:40   MICHAEL DEVITT Three mistakes about semantic intentions

12:40-02:30   Lunch

02:30-­03:00   Paul SakaExistential Commitment
03:00-03:30   Krisda Chaemsaithong Let’s kill him: Pronouns and addressee positioning in the closing statement of the penalty phase of capital trials
03:30-04:00   Michael Green The Pragmatics of Internal Legal Statements

04:00-­04:30   Coffee Break

04:30-­05:00   Sarah E. Blackwell Connectives and frames: But and the frame-­inducing power of political discourse
04:30-­05:00   Piazza, Francesca, S. Di Piazza, M. Serra Cooperation or conflict? On the problematic (but fruitful) relationship between pragmatics and rhetoric
05:00-­05:30   Alla Tsapiv Narrative organization of literary texts for children: communicative and pragmatic aspects

5:30-6:00 Fabrizio Macagno Presupposition and discourse commitments

08:00               Conference dinner (Casa do Alentejo)


09:30-­10:00   Luvell Anderson Slurring Speech Acts
10:00-­10:30   Kenneth Taylor Derogation and Resistance
10:30-­11:00   Marina Sbisá Slurs and speech acts

11:00-­11:30   Coffee Break

11:30-­12:00   Bianchi, Claudia, Cepollaro, Bianca, Sulpizio, Simone Slurs and insults: what’s worst? An empirical investigation
12:30-­01:00   Robin Jeshion Slurs of Gender

01:00-0­2:30   Lunch

02:30-­03:00    Alan Libert How to Be Impolite (or Worse) in an Artificial Auxiliary Language
03:00-03:30  Sophia DöringThe Influence of Modal Particles on Common Ground and Discourse Coherence
03:30-04:00 Inger Mey Apprenticeship in Microbiology: Embodied adaptation to experimental and technological aspects of learning